In this tutorial, we are going to go through various ways to build the command line application: Robot Chef. One is to build it as a single package. Another is to build it using lml: one main component with many plugins which are separately installable. By comparing the different approaches to build Robot Chef, we could see how lml can be used in practice.

Robot Chef would report what it knows about the food in the world. For example:

$ robotchef "Portable Battery"
I can cook Portable Battery for robots

When you type “Fish and Chips”, it could reports it does not know:

$ robotchef "Fish and Chips"
I do not know how to cook Fish and Chips

For it to understand all the cuisines in the world, there are two ways to enlarge its knowledge base: one is obviously to grow by itself. the other is to open the api interface so that others could join your effort.

Additional references

  1. pyexcel-chart: use lml to refactor existing plugins