Logging facility

During the development of lml package, the logging facility helps debugging a lot. Let me show you how to enable the logs of lml.

Enable the logging

Let us open robotchef’s main.py. Insert the highlighted codes.

import sys

from robotchef.plugin import CuisineManager, NoChefException

import logging
import logging.config

    format='%(name)s:%(lineno)d - %(levelname)s - %(message)s',

def main():
    if len(sys.argv) < 2:

    manager = CuisineManager()

Then you will need to run the installation again:

$ cd robotchef
$ python setup.py install

Let us run the command again:

$ robotchef "Jacket Potato"
lml.plugin:226 - DEBUG - declare 'cuisine' plugin manager
lml.loader:52 - DEBUG - scanning for plugins...
lml.utils:48 - DEBUG - found robotchef_allinone_lml
lml.plugin.PluginInfoChain:139 - DEBUG - add robotchef_britishcuisine.fry.Fry as 'cuisine' plugin
robotchef.plugin.CuisineManager:178 - DEBUG - load robotchef_britishcuisine.fry.Fry later
lml.plugin.PluginInfoChain:139 - DEBUG - add robotchef_britishcuisine.bake.Bake as 'cuisine' plugin
robotchef.plugin.CuisineManager:178 - DEBUG - load robotchef_britishcuisine.bake.Bake later
lml.utils:48 - DEBUG - found robotchef_britishcuisine
lml.plugin.PluginInfoChain:139 - DEBUG - add robotchef.robot_cuisine.electrify.Boost as 'cuisine' plugin
robotchef.plugin.CuisineManager:178 - DEBUG - load robotchef.robot_cuisine.electrify.Boost later
lml.utils:48 - DEBUG - found robotchef.robot_cuisine
lml.loader:82 - DEBUG - scanning done
robotchef.plugin.CuisineManager:160 - DEBUG - get a plugin called
robotchef.plugin.CuisineManager:210 - DEBUG - import robotchef_britishcuisine.bake.Bake
robotchef.plugin.CuisineManager:202 - DEBUG - load <class 'robotchef_britishcuisine.bake.Bake'> now for 'Jacket Potato'
I can bake Jacket Potato

Reading the log with the loading sequence,


Three Chef plugins were discovered: robotchef_britishcuisine.fry.Fry, robotchef_britishcuisine.bake.Bake and robotchef.robot_cuisine.electricity.Boost. However, they are not imported yet. When the robotchef try to look up a plugin, it logs “get a plugin called”. And it is actual time when a plugin is imported.